Okay. This is a bit left field - from the left-field meister. But. Wouldn't it be cool if:

  • On your laptop you had a server
  • This server intelligently pushed your data around. And not just contacts, but offline databases, web applications. 'Replication'. It doesnt matter how many machines you or your organisation had - your stuff was always up to date. Everywhere.
  • In a secure manner
  • It had open standards - so it'll pull your mail down, sync apps, contact mobile phones.
  • You could use a web browser to access your apps

Because, I know of a 'server' that could do that for you. Low footprint, multi-platform. An easier install than Office 2010. (Loaded question, because *everything* is easier than office 2010). 

So far so very science fiction. But wait. We have this Domino Server doohicky. By modern standards, its quite small - 300-500mb of memory. Lots of flexibility. And you can customise this sucker to the hilt.


Domino Server as a behind the scenes Glue. I smell paradigm shift.