Its September (just). What does that mean? It means the publishers publish for Christmas. Gold-Rush! So far:


  1. Neil Gaiman (a recent addition to my library after American Gods which I loved). Fragile Things. Random. Introspective. Loving it. Short stories that make you think
  2. Terry Pratchett - I shall wear Midnight. A book for 'kids'. Its far more intelligent, thought provoking than many 'adult' books. Perhaps the 'personal responsibilty' theme will mean the McMericans will shun it. 
  3. William Gibson. Zero History. Now. This is a heavy read. Every page drips cool and scene and description. I love it. Whereas I can skim Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in a mere 10 hour session, this one requires you to put it down and assimilate. Its like a very luxurious, heavy meal. Loving it. 
  4. Stephen Fry - The Fry Chronicles. Once you get past this mans amazing talent of using 1,000 words where three would do, he does appear to be one of the best wordsmiths in the English Language. Love it.  There was a queue to steal this one from me.
  5. John le Carre - Our Kind of Traitor - its on the pile. I will read it. It will be excellent. I will rave about it. Come on, its a Le Carre - its more surefire than a Jobs presentation. This man invented cold-war noir. You want to know people? More psychology than Freud.
  6. Iain M Banks - Surface Detail. Its on back-order. I will lock myself in a darkened room with this till I finish it. A Banks' Culture Sci-Fi ? Oh Joy. Perhaps the divorce and beer have worked out of his system (careful, one of my mates shares a pub with him..)
  7. The Millennium Trilogy. Fantastic. Hard to read, thought provoking. Okay. Sometimes it reads like an Ikea catalog - but by god - its good. If you've not heard of this so far - get it. Now. The Swedish movies are *fantastic*. 

Hence the silence. (1) is in the downstairs toilet, (3) is at the bedside, (4) is doing the rounds of the ladies boudoirs, and (2) is on heavy rotation. (7) was a joy over summer.

Welcome to book season. Normal service will be resumed.