Mindalign - the other white meat

Imagine living in a corporate world where you had no choice. All for very good reasons, of course, but here is where software (and dreams) come to die.

For instance, the IM client in operation is something called 'Mindalign' (in this case v6.5). Its a POS in almost every sense of the word. Unreliable,. buggy, non-persistent, unfriendly. And today, just to put the chery on the poo-cake that is Mindalign, I got this:

Wait. So if I log out, I lose messages ?

Classy. I guess what I'm saying is before you engage on a long term basis, do one of two things. Either check in advance and make a decision on how much you can tolerate this rubbish, or just lower your expectations. And I mean IBM-Marketing-Lotus-Notes-low, or even Microsoft-reliable-software-low.

After all, its only work.