We saw Spamalot in Aberdeen in Thursday. Excellent performance, especially when they pulled a member of the audience on stage for some humiliation. The plot changed a little - the 'If you want a show in Broadway, you'll need a Jew' number has been changed to 'You'll need a star', and there's a few references to the local city. 

The current cast did a sterling number - even ad-libbing over the 'We're the knights who formally said 'Ni!'" part, corpsing poor King Arthur.

And last night we hit Edinburgh for the Amateur Transplants - two medics made famous with their 'London Underground' song.. Cue 60 minutes of close-to-the-knucle clever song references..

We decided to have a rickshaw race from George Square to the Grassmarket. Squid and her friend won, obviously, their rickshaw not containing an additional 100kg of scotsman. Followed by mountains of Pizza at Mamas, and a long, long drive home.

God, I've gotta move back to Edinburgh. Now, where's that lottery ticket?