Tomorrow, I'm back to work.

And I look at the list of things that I wanted to do in my fortnight off, and conclude: Must Try Harder:

  1. Number of walks planned: 14. Taken: 0
  2. Exams revised for: 0
  3. Cool new tech investigated: 1
  4. Books read: 3 
  5. Weight lost: 0
  6. House renovation tasks completed: 0
  7. Stopped Smoking: Fail
  8. Cycle trips undertaken: 0
  9. Number of local tourist attractions visited; 3 (out of 14)
  10. Alcohol ban: Fail
  11. Technology ban: Fail

So have I failed in my holidays? Or have I just chilled out? I suspect the latter. After a year and a bit of 'the client who cannot be named', I've gotta admit that I was pretty burnt out.

Perhaps next year...