One important part of our house renovation was the discovery that we had thousands of items in our loft space that we didnt look at for years. In some cases, 10+ years. So we've decluttered our life somewhat and either thrown away, gifted or charity-shopped a large number of items.

During this holiday, I also spent some time thinking about my professional life (more on that later) and how much time I spend each day 'catching up'. I found that I could spend up to an hour a day basically reading crazy stories, or seeing pictures of cats (or some other worthwhile cause). This isnt good for anyone.

So I'm decluttering my on-line life too. I've just posted my last tweet. I'll focus more on writing pithy (and more permanent) blog entries. I've halved the number of RSS feeds in my google reader account. And I'm not going to use the internet during working hours unless I've actually got a reason to use it. For instance, keeping track of the little yellow bubble on has brought me nothing but a feeling of overwhelming sadness, seeing IBM throttle the life out of its Lotus brand. (I used to be a cc:Mail guy, and have been thorugh this process before).

I'm sure if there's some sort of shift in the space/time continuum, I'll find out about it.

Lets see how this new minimal me is going to get on.