An amusing trip from the Airport yesterday. I was sitting at a table, browsing the web, beside three German business-people on their way to a meeting. One was reading Tuesdays' Telegraph - and another was reading the back page. Suddenly, he started laughing and pointing at this article:

World Cup 2010: Germany are most exciting team left and we should support them

I was talking at the weekend with our lovely neighbour, an English woman married to a German man, who was telling me they watched the England-Germany game at a parents' day at the local prep school....

from here. An English paper, advocating supporting Germany ? A fantastic, if somewhat completely unexpected thing for the English press to do. And whilst laughing, I spilt coffee over my wee macbook pro.. Damn.. 

So last night, a number of keys - some of which I use in my password - stopped working. So I left it on overnight, and turned the key illumination up to full blast.. This dried the liquid overnight - and behold - a working Mac again. Phew.