Burning Bridges...

DSC05182 Last week, during our renovation, the electrician had to disconnect our electric shower as part of the house rewire - leaving us with just a bath in our downstairs bathroom. We were operating under the assumption that the plumber would be there that day in order to fit a new shower.

Well, after 20+ years of project management, I should have known that some resources and actions just wouldnt happen on time. So for the last four days - I've been taking a daily bath. Possibly more baths than I've taken in the previous year. And to add insult to injury, since some of the house is 'dark' - that is - the electricity has been turned off, the light in the bathroom has been disconnected.

Fantastic. So there I am, each night, in the bath. With candles.

Murderous thoughts were being formulated, but thankfully - before I burned any bridges, the plumber called and should be with us today in order to - finally - three weeks late - get our dammed shower working.

Thank god.

In other renovation news, the final four van-loads of removed plasterboard and fibreglass, bath, toilet and sink were transported to the skip over the weekend. During, ironically, the heaviest downpour of rain we've seen this year. So excuse me if I happen to sneeze and cough over you this week.