Its almost our wedding anniversary...

In fact, its this weekend. An anniversary I share (almost) with my Big Sis, and of course Wouter and Marzena of Trust Factory Fame (who had an amazing wedding 5 years ago in a beautiful Polish Castle). And it appears I'm close to Bruce and Gail's anniversary too.

So whats the secret ? Is it romance ? (Unlikely in my case). Looks (again I fail). Constant attention (nope, I'm always away). A fit, bronzed body (*snort*). 

I suspect its got a lot more to do with absolute faith, trust, sharing. You've committed to share your life with someone. There's ups and downs for sure - thats just part of life. But such a long term commitment ?

I can only offer one thing - my sense of humour. After all, if I cant be a good example, I could be a terrible warning, right ?