Release Weekend

Every so often, us nerds get to do something useful. Not often, and certainly not in an uncontrolled manner. Businesses like to put folks between nerds (or geeks or whatever) and the actual business users. Project managers. Programme managers. Business Analysts. Test Team Managers (the other She Who Must Be Obeyed, else you'll get Stabbed). The fantastic guys in our test team.

And so it does sometimes feel like a galley slave ship, with everyone on deck enjoying barbeque whilst I row below, occassionally being told that the captain wants to water ski.

But release weekends are fun too. A huge strain. Lots of pressure. And then. Release. 

Yes. In fact, they're like hugely overdue bowel movements. Painful. Smelly. And you don't like to talk about them. but afterwards - the sense of relief is incredible.