DIY Hell

Master Bedroom - Dwams We're in the process of ripping out the walls, ceilings and removing walls in the upper part of our house. As this part contains our main storage, this also involved removing about three tonnes of stored 'stuff'. Picture 40 archive boxes full of books. Or 10 archive boxes full of photos. 5 Archive boxes full of very small soft toys. Or my daughters crib. No - not her Crib - thats in Dundee. Her actual baby crib. 

This weekend was the 'rip everything apart' phase - very messy. Photos will follow.

Next phase is to get the electrician to remove all the 240 volt lighting circuits and replace it with low-voltage LED based stuff - bedrooms dont actually need a lot of light and since LED's are very energy efficient, run cold, and use 12 cable, reduces cable volume and fire risk.. All of it computer controlled.

Anyone with any experience - good and bad - opinions are welcome.