Paul and Lynne got Married...

SWMBO and I poodled off to Belfast this weekend to see Paul and Lynne get married.. Fantastic venue (and coincidentally the same one that iLug will use), fantastic families, and a great laugh. 

I was asked (prodded, cajoled) to say some words after coffee (and official speeches) about Paul as many of his family members wondered what he actually did for a living. This rather brutal dissection of the consulting world finished with him being presented with a wonderful, innovative piece of computing.. A real collectors piece.. Yes, we gave him a Sinclair Spectrum... He was kind enough to enthuse about it..

Its difficult to summarise three days of guinness into anything possibly coherent, so I wont even try. 

However, I ask you all to join me and raise a glass (mouse, hand, coffee-cup) to Paul and Lynne, and here's to a long and successful marriage.

If, like me, you think Pauls' a wonderful guy who's given a lot to us all, support him by giving to his nominated charity over here