Khristian Thomas's page.

Cancer is a nasty, horrible disease. It will touch every family at some point. It certainly touched mine. However, a friends' nephew decided to do something a little bit special:

 The link below is to the Donations page for a 10 year old boy.  When his Aunt died after a 2 year struggle with cancer; he found out that she wanted donations to go to Cancer Research UK rather than any large display of flowers to send her off.

Khristian, being devastated by the loss and also quite practical, realised that he didn’t have any cash to give.  However he does love the mountains.  So he decided to organise a Justgiving website and Walk a couple of Munro’s (distinct mountains over 3,000 ft in Scotland), to raise money for the charity.

Click the link below and click Read more on the page to see, in Khristian’s own words,  why he is doing this and where he is going.