Exercise and Travel Regime

I'm at home this week, marooned because of the volcano-based flight mess here, so I've had to think of new and exciting exercise activities to get involved in. 

Yesterday, was the usual 4 mile walk, punctuated by howling gales, snow and windblown topsoil. No, really. Newly ploughed fields, dry, and then add lots of wind. Tonnes of topsoil get blown off. You could almost plant seeds in the air as it flies by.

Today, to spice things up, I borrowed a neighbours 100kg roller, and rolled two of the lawns here at Buchan Acres. Well. I thought since they were both flat (unlike the mountain at the back), it'd be easy. After all, the lawn guys in golf courses are all wiry and drawing their pensions, right ? Ah. No. Wrong. 

Tomorrow, I might indulge in some cycling and see some more of the mearns landscape as it starts to bloom. 

No photos, I'm afraid - after losing my second iPhone in under a year (at least this time I could identify the bars I was at!), I'm punishing myself by using an old pearl. Okay, it has a camera, but since I'm using the Mac client, no way of getting photos off it. Still. The 3-day battery life makes up for it.