Windows Mobile: Let it die.

I had a windows mobile phone once. Complete pile of crap. And in todays popbitch newsletter (which is excellent fun) I saw that it hasnt got much better:

 >> Blank looks <<
        Technology chief blames mobile phone

    Staff at the BBC Academy have been confused
    after receiving blank emails from someone called
    Andy Wilson all week. Wilson put an end to it all
    yesterday with this email.

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Andy Wilson
    To: Andy Wilson; Academy All Staff
    Sent: Wed Mar 31 08:54:25 2010
    Subject: Apologies

    My Windows Phone has gone haywire and started
    sending random emails.
    Sorry for the confusion


    Sent from my mobile


    And just who is Andy Wilson? The BBC
    Academy Head of Technology. Very reassuring.