The Busy Weekend

Spring has sprung, Hugo the Gardener (and his motley crew) have been for the first visit of the year, and the upper meadow has been flattened and ready for grass in April. 

We're planning a major house renovation this summer - this last winter has been just too cold for words, and so we're re-insulating the upper part of the house. Which means we have to clear our loft of the 10+ years of accumulated crap. (This also means cutting back on my book collection - about 60% is airport schlock and is destined for the Shelter charity shop in Montrose). All this has to happen after the Marykirk Raft Race as we're having a houseful of folks for the weekend. 

Which in turn means that I had to spend the weekend in the Barn, recycling two carloads of accumulated stuff. Now I can see the floor again (and its a big barn), and was able to finally get the bike out for its first run of the year. All seems on track for the MOT tomorrow.

And in a moment of amusement, SWMBO's Citroen C3 decided to break. Precisely the electric window control decided that the window should be DOWN, and I had to spend two days driving around with it open (in the freezing weather) and parking it against walls (and struggling to get out the passenger seat). Nice. Should you ever want to get a car, and you think 'Mmm Citroen, nice', just repeatedly slam your fingers in a door till the feeling passes. Its like owning a Citroen.

So now we're looking at arguing over showers, bathrooms, wetwall, the whole nine yards. And I'm just wondering what my darling wife is planning in terms of decoration. It will have to been seen to be believed, no doubt..