Spring has Sprung, biking weather is here..

Well, biking weather for born again, summer only bikers like I. Guys like McD do it all year long - hardy souls that they are. So its a case of taking the 20 year old 'G' reg bike out of the barn, getting it MOT'd and tending to all those fragile little bits that need replacing. In years gone past its been bearings, chain, sprocket, disks, calipers, pads, tyres, brake lines and intercom. One could say there's little left of the original ZZR 600 but most of the engine is still there in its 1989 glory.

This year, the rear tyre needed replacing, so it was a case of whipping off the rear wheel (about 5 minutes of swearing) and taking it along to Johnny Mitchell in Lournie, who had a new Michelin Pilot on it faster than you could say 'Laurencekirk'. And then it was a case of getting the rear wheel back on (about 10 hours of swearing) back on, and the wheel realigned.

So today, finally, I thought it about time to take it out for a run. Beautiful (if a little chilly) sunshine, a little side wind. And as soon as I got under the railway bridge, the gale started, the heavens opened. Well. Thanks. And after only a minor heart-stopping moment (remembering that I had to pump the rear brakes a bit to get them back into action after forcing the calipers apart), all is well. Wet, frozen, but well.

I suspect it'll be a training run to Skye next, to get my eye back in, and the rear tyre stripped of all its shiny (and slippery) surface. Then hopefully a decent run (south of France or Portugal) this summer.. Bliss..