Vista, Vista, I loathe thee. Let me count the ways...

My old blingmaster XPS laptop - a £4,500 10kg monster of a gaming laptop, is now resigned to being a Vista-based client vpn-access machine. A huge waste of a lovely machine, but there you have it. 

As usual, Microsoft update reboots the machine most nights with the pleasant 'we had to fix it, we rebooted, hope you didnt lose anything, loser' message. 

A few days ago - what appeared on the scene but Vista Service Pack 2. Nice one. Just what Vista needs - a shedload of fixes. Update away, I merrily clicked.

Ah. Now the damn machine refuses to start. I now have another wasted few hours recovering from this mess.

Is it any wonder I evangelise Macintosh? Do you wonder why I use pictures of Ballmer and Gates on my rifle shooting target ? 

Who on earth in Microsoft thinks its a good idea to release service packs that can destroy machines? What complete blithering idiot things this is *cool*. Or desireable?

Bunch of clucking funts.

N.B. I know, I know. Your sitting there wondering how a cool and froody guy like me is running Vista. Yes. Well There's another piece of distended donkey rectum product called Juniper Remote Desktop, which makes a chocolate fireguard look like a robust piece of kit. And it only supports shit operating systems (xp, Vista) and shit browsers (IE6, IE7). I'm not making this up. So I have to keep a steaming pile of turd in my office, else I don't get to work from home.