Edge of Darkness

I was a big fan of the original Edge of Darkness - a BBC thiller shot when I was young. Dark, moody, violent, bloody. I was wondering how a big-budget Hollywood version would work. Go get the DVD's from Amazon. Go on. I dare you. Hell, I *double* dare you.

Dont get me wrong. I love me cinema. But Hollywood appears to be heading for lowest-common-demoninator films - such as the Dan Brown drivel - stopping every 5 minutes for a plot recap. Or more bloody animated unicorns or whatnot. I love Pixar, but you know, it'd be good to get something that you actually had to think about (So not Norbert). Something that made you think. 

And this is why I was scared. Did Edge of Darkness have a musical number ? Was there a group-hug in the middle? Did they change the ending to make it happier? Were the bad guys not really bad? Was Jedburgh made sane ? 

I'm more than happy to report that Mel "Braveheart" Gibson did an awesome job. He could have cranked back on the 'Mad Max' persona a *bit*, but hey - it was gripping stuff. Stuff that made you care. Violent bloody, horrific even - as only he can make it. And it'll have you wondering about the 'Got Milk' Ads (in the US). 

Go see it.