I tried to cancel my O2 home broadband today...

But when I finally got through, they couldnt process cancellations - their systems were down.

I'd laugh, but then I'd just cry.

Why cancel ? Well, since they implemented 'traffic shaping' my average broadband throughput has plummeted from 4mb to around 1mb, with troughs around 500mb. At one point it was running so slow that I couldnt actually do a remote-desktop session. I called up, and it transpired that there was long-term congesion in Perth (What this has got to do with me, God alone knows) and the traffic shaping had been completely cocked up.

Their customer service for Broadband is good, and the price okay. But the network is unreliable and the bandwith draining away. So thats another O2 service I'm going to cancel. As soon as I can.

Zen, here I come (again).