A very merry Christmas to all!

The view from my officeIts nearing the end of Christmas eve. We still have 10cm of snow, and its still below freezing out there. 

I'd like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas, and all the best for the New Year. 

In terms of this year, I've focused on keeping my business life going through what can only be described as a very thin market. Far less public 'performances', far less conferences, far less blog posts. 

And for the first time in six years, I actually have a Christmas Break where I can focus on my family and friends instead of dammed slides for yet another conference. W00t!

What of next year ? Next year will start with an exam frenzy as I finish off my Lotus upgrade exams, and then move towards C# and SQL in the middle of the year. New technologies, new challenges, whilst still keeping Domino under my belt. If there's any spare time, then back into some mobile apps.

More conferences next year ? We shall be at Lotusphere of course, but this year I'll be focused on listening to other folks sessions again. I'll be there supporting UK Lug (as long as Warren and Kitty want me to), but that should be about that. 

On a personal note, we renovated the upstairs of the house this year and put in huge amounts of insulation - thank god. Its hit -18c here in the last couple of weeks. Next year we plan on a new heating system, and a garage door for the shed, so we don't have to clear snow and ice off the cars. And of course, heading to New Zealand at some point to catch up on our Daughter.

So - I raise a glass to all the folks who have made it this far - the survivors - and wish all of you a happy and prosperous New Year!