Its been cold here in Jockoland last week. And on Saturday night, right in the middle of the Marykirk Raft Race Ceilidh - there was a huge dump of 4" in the space of two hours. 

My fathers' band - the Ardmore Ceilidh band - were playing, and staying over with me. On Sunday morning, they decided to head back to the Isle of Skye - 250 miles.

They got 55 miles in 8 hours - and managed to slither into Perth late last night. They stopped at Tescos to use the toilets - and found it was being used as an emergency shelter. Food, airbeds, warmth, toilets. Everything a jobbing Ceilidh band could wish for.

This morning, they found that the exhaust pipe had broken in the snowdrifts, and are getting that fixed. After that, they should get home today. Assuming that we don't have another 4-6 inches of snow in two hours again.