My visit to RealTime Worlds last week...

Last week, I had the dubious honour of visiting RealTime Worlds in Dundee. Why dubious? Realtime Worlds were one of the largest gaming software companies in the UK, and founded by the chaps who did Lemmings and Grand Theft Auto.

It was dubious because I was helping a friend pick up some desks he'd bought at Auction. Desks, clearly occupied till a few weeks ago. 

RealTime Worlds had went into administration, and all that was left (aside from a small cabal of folks in the back room) was a huge building, lots of desks and stacks of technology. All being sold off for peanuts. 

I really feel for the folks who worked there. Clearly, looking at some of the artwork remaining on the walls, and the floors littered with Nerf Gun pellets, it looked like an awesome place to work.

Picking through the remains made me feel like a grave-robber.