The Lotusfear Hog Ride and Roast - 2011

Mr Mooney and I have for the last couple of years rented Harleys on the Saturday and Sunday, and went on road trips in Florida. Last year was the street rods - excellent bikes, Tampa, Canaveral, Coco Beach. 400 miles in two days. 

And so we're organising it for Lotusphere 2011. 

So here's the deal. Saturday morning, first thing, we pick up Bikes from Harley Davidson, Orlando. We ride out, and stay in a cheap motel somewhere. And then we ride back on the Sunday. Why the overnight stay?

In the last couple of years we found that the 75-150 miles you have to ride to get to anywhere interesting means that we're spending more time getting to and from places than spending time there. 

So - fancy Saturday night in Coco Beach ? Tampa ? The Keys?