Was there a mobile phone in Chaplins 'Circus' movie - from 1928?

Apparently, this is movie footage shot of the folks coming out of the premier of Charlie Chaplins 'Circus' movie in 1926. And there appears to be a lady talking into a handheld device. 

Now. There are three possibilties:


  • That this person was a time traveller, unwittingly caught on her phone, coming out of a movie premier in 1926. 
  • That this movie is fake
  • That this person is somehow using some other device, or just talking to themselves whilst holding a book to their ear.


Put it this way - if a time traveller was actually caught on movie with this, wouldnt they now just go back in time and remove the footage? If that were possible?

Update: The Dead Tree press are catching up - the Telegraph reports it here