An amusing Notes Migration Story.

Large customer running Notes 5. Accenture and Microsoft come in and say "Look, this is rubbish, migrate the mail to exchange, and within 2 years get the apps from Notes into dot-net". 

Customer says to IBM "Will this work?". IBM calls a meeting with the customer - Accenture guy turns up. 

IBM guy says to the Accenture guy - "Turn your PC around". He has to. On his Accenture Standard Build laptop - Lotus Notes.

"When did Accenture start migrating from Notes?" - "2001"

"How many Notes apps do you still have" "600"

"Do you have to request an Exchange Mailbox using a Notes App".  .... .. "Yes".

Result: Accenture booted out, Notes environment upgraded, customer happy. Saved a bunch of money.