Its Travel Day

Thanks to the recent spate of bad weather, I was convinced that I'd be stranded in London on Thursday night. So no-one was more surprised than me to actually arrive home at 10pm last night - and equally after catching the red-eye in Aberdeen to Heathrow (and it being 30 mins late), then a taxi transfer to London Gatwick - here I am sitting in the business lounge. All checked in and happy.

The reception staff at the lounge - just after bouncing Darren as my guest (because I dont have 'Silver' status or above), whispered that I need only go to the gate 30 mins before departure. "They're boarding Coach, but we don't send our passengers down till 11pm". Don't you love the air of exclusivity ? So thats another bonus.

I even avoided buying:

  • A new Fuji S200 EXR Camera
  • Noise Reduction headphones
  • An external hard drive
  • Any Vegas related travel book

Aren't I good ? 

On the downside, I never planned today as a diet-day (it being impossible on an aircraft), so its started off with Rowies and jam, and has now progressed to pain-au-chocoolat and whisky. A rather nice 15 year old oak one. Well, its over-the-yardarm somewhere in the world..

So I should be poured out of the plane around 5pm, to wend my weary way Mouseward. I'll probably catch up on folks at the Dolphin around seven. And you can all laugh at my new haircut.