I'm half the man I used to be...

Over the Christmas period, perhaps thanks to the two weeks of pure excess, I managed to gain 14 pounds in weight. Around this time, the Doctor dragged me in for a routine appointment and gave me a severe talking to. So I've decided to finally grow up, take charge, and actually try and lose weight properly.

And so in the last seven days, I've managed to lose 14 pounds, bringing my BMI close to 40 (morbidly obese). Another 54 pounds to go. How overweight was I ? I took home 3 10-kilo bags of coal the other night - thanks to the cold weather, slippery bags and my general lack of fitness, I could only carry two bags at once. Yet I'm carrying 30 kilos - 60 pounds - of excess weight around.

As of today, I'm 70% through my first 10kg bag of coal. Just another two after that. Scary, eh ?

The primary thing for me is a lifestyle change. That is, not stuffing my face at every meal, and avoiding routinely drinking alcohol. Yes folks, that means if you meet me at Lotusphere, I'm not drinking.