UKLUG is only eight days away!

UKLUG (The UK Lotus User Group) is only 8 days away. And remember, its at the SAS Raddison, on the High Street (The Royal Mile), in Edinburgh, Scotshland.

If you've registered, but plans have changed, please please unregister yourself in order to release your place to folks on the waiting list. Bad things might happen otherwise.

Okay. Edinburgh. Whats it like? Its fantastic. Its:

  • A very hilly city (The castle is on one extinct volcano, Arthurs Seat another)

  • Historic, stretching back over a thousand years (The Hotel is in the 'Old Town')

  • Cosmopolitan (The Witchery is arguably one of the best restaurants in the world, and the visitors book reads like a Who's Who of the World)

  • Scottish (It may rain, it may be sunny, it may snow, it may be windy - all at the same time)

  • Fun (more pubs per square mile than anywhere else in the universe, and more restaurants than you can hope to shake a stick at)

  • Where I went to University - the University computing department is one of the best in Europe, boasting Prolog, Microcode and the Artificial Intelligence department to name a few successes

  • Where my daughter - The Squid - was born. At Simpsons. No. Really. My life is one long cartoon

  • Only four hours away on the train from London - and the train has a Bar and Wifi. The hotel is 300 yards from the station. And only an hour and less than £100 by air from almost anywhere in Europe. No excuses!

Warren , Kitty , Matt , Paul and the rest of the committee have done an amazing job as usual:

  • Getting sponsors (like us - hadsl ) to donate time, money, effort to make this work

  • Persuaded (some at gunpoint) the best speakers in the Lotus world to come. And me as well.

  • Begged, borrowed, called in favours, published negatives of Jeff Papows in a compromising position with a milkshake - all to get Bob Picciano to come and keynote the conference. Mr Picciano is somewhat busy right now as you can imagine, and its a huge honour to get a man of his calibre to any conference. (He's not a bad singer either.)

  • Other famous Lotus folks such as Mary Beth Raven, Maureen Leeland and Brent Peters - folks who know more about the product than we'd ever hope to dream about

  • Industry leading speakers on Quickr, Sametime, Connections.

  • All the folks from Lotus UK up to help, to network, to talk to

  • Some of the biggest names in the UK to give customer presentations

They've done some stellar work, and its not finished yet. Lots more surprises to come - including networking events, sponsored bars, and such like.

See you there!