Ian Rankin: The Complaints

Ian Rankin - and especially his Rebus creation - kicks serious arse. The claustrophic atmosphere, the eye for detail, the brilliant headology - all make for a great novel. Well, Rebus is now retired (the subject of his excellent Exit Music), and now we move onto characters new. His latest - The Complaints thankfully doesnt try and do a 'Taggart' (Endlessly recycle supporting actors as the main ones pass away) - we get a whole new Lothian and Borders police force to explore.

And a new department - The Complaints - the police who police the police. And a pretty compelling conspiracy plot. Meaty stuff, well rounded. Good stuff. Go read it.

Is it as Good as a good Rebus ? Not quite there, yet. Some of the characterisation - although good - wasnt excellent. Easily forgiven, as he'd to invent a whole new cast.

I suspect this might turn into a really good series - there's no shortage of bent coppers..