Christopher Brookmyer - Pandaemonium

Pandaemonium was released in August, and I only just got a copy on Friday. So whats it about ?

Firstly, its Tartan Noir. So expect scottish dialect, themes, ideas. And its about schoolkids (again). Slightly more grown up schoolkids and all the pimples-and-puberty coming of age crap. But more Irn-Bru than Coca-Coca. So people fight, die, talk about sex (and the lack of), and because the kids are from a Catholic school, lots of talk about catholocisim. (I'm not a Catholic BTW, so most of this just flies over my head).

They're off to a residental outdoor activity sort of place. A plush one in the highlands - as one of their classmates died in a stabbing, and so the school sends em for grief councelling. So far, so very Scary-Movie-Meets-Rab-C. However, the next-door super-secret MOD facility has been opening a portal to Hell and capturing daemons....

In between, long and throught-provoking discussions about the relevance of faith, farting as a competitive sport, physics (string versus dimentionality and quark rotation) and homosexuality as a schoolkid. Mr Brookmyer doesnt short change (do an 'Archer') on the big stuff.

So - a straight fight. Unarmed Scottish Teenagers versus daemons from Hell. As the back says 'The bookies' give it evens'. Imagine a class full of Smeatons. Class. Well worth a read.