Gary McKinnon

Boing Boing has a wonderful article on Gary over here. It boils down to:

  • He 'hacked' into a number of military and nasa computers using username=guiest, password=hello

  • He was looking for evidence of UFO's

  • They caught him because he used his own eMail Address

  • He's been diagnosed with Aspergers

So the US is extraditing him back to the US using evidence that wouldnt get him extradited from the US to the UK. Its seen as a very heavy handed way of plucking a UK citizen off the streets. And again, unsurprisingly, not a lot of folks in the UK think its going to be a particularly fair trial. After all, the CIA rendition flights touched down in the UK, and is common knowlege over here.

This is an opportunity for the new US administration to reverse the US's foreign policy created under Bush, and actually build bridges with other countries, instead of increasingly alienating them.

The truth of the matter, from my point of view, is that they're punishing Gary in order to cover up extremely shoddy security practices, claiming that he's some sort of evil hacker mastermind. No doubt this is in order to save face (an exercise that even the slowest reader will point out is too late) Meanwhile, the real evil hacker masterminds, some no doubt sponsored by regimes hostile to the US, are slipping away.