Phew - my project goes live tonight

Its been a busy few weeks on top of a busy few months. At the client-who-cannot-be-named, my project (the project-that-cannot-be-described) is going live tonight. And wow - working with some extremely good folks, enduring what can only be described as an extremely rigorous testing regime, its been tough. Good, but tough. Hopefully after this weekend, once the dust settles, I'll return to a somewhat more normal existence.

All the Macs at Casa Buchan are now running Snow Leopard, and aside from a glitch with DNS, appear unscathed. A colleage at the client-who-cannot-be-named had some really bad experiences with it, but Apple redeemed itself by allowing him (and his time capsule) to restore back to before the upgrade. Which in itself is very impressive. And the chap - who is a microsoft supporter in a large company of microsoft-supporters said 'I wish something like Time Machine existed for windows'. Which I sort of echo. I've tried a bunch of backup solutions for windows and they've all in one way or another completely failed. (Acronis was the best, but when I upgraded from one version to another and found that I could read my previous backups - well - 'disappointed' doesnt even start to sum it up).

In other news, my sub-£300 quad core machine and Windows 7 now has 4gb of Ram. One piece of trivia that I didnt know about the Dell Precision 470 workstation is that despite it having three banks of two slots for memory, if you put in more than two memory sticks, you have to install a special RAM cooling baffle and fan (which of course is not in my £130 quid eBay special) which costs £130. Sod that. 4gb will have to do. Whilst I agree that its an extremely good idea to fit a cooling system for the RAM itself (especially in a dual Xenon machine), why not fit it as standard to all of them, and why does a £5 fan with a shaped piece of plastic cost £130. Perhaps if Dell considered this and thought of it from a customer POV, they'd understand why they're near the bottom of the customer satisfaction table, below Tescos. Apple is at the top. I personally used to love Dell machines and bought millions of quid's worth of them whilst working in Aberdeen. But my experience with the XPS gaming laptop and Vista has soured that relationship somewhat. You get what you pay for in the end, and if you pay nasty discounted little prices, you get nasty discounted service and nasty discounted little machines. Value-for-money doesnt always mean 'cheapest'.

Oh - and last weekend was fantastic -walking 10+ miles along the cliffs at the Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland. Steve McDonagh, Eileen, Matt and Mark are exceptionally good company and the walk itself convinced me that its time I bought a decent pair of walking shoes and explored more of my native Scotland. Whilst you cant eat scenery, you can enjoy it, regardless of weather. Lets see if this tub-o-lard can get himself into enough shape to join Warren and Kitty on the Moonwalk next year.