Want a whisky with that ?


This weekend, we went to Skye. Myself and a mate took our motorbikes, and the ladies went in my shiny new Scirocco. It rained, and rained, and when it didnt rain, the country was full of tourists and caravans all doing 25mph, and stopping to take pictures of the loch ness monster. And a single accident caused the most of the west coast of scotland to be cut off for five hours. And the german Porsche owners club were on tour - we bumped into them several times. Ever seen TEN fantastic 911's all parked in a row ?

In other words - FANTASTIC. A great blast there and back again - over the top of the mountain and down through the devils elbow, past the lecht. All fantastic riding roads. I think I need to connect my iPhone to the Autocom bike intercom system so I can call the missus on route changes and suchlike.. Wonder if they do a bluetooth one now ?

The picture is of the bar at the Cluanie Inn, on the road to Skye. Yes, there's HUNDREDS of different bottles of whisky. Go on - click on it and look at the full sized one. All of my favourites are there, and if only I had a year, a second liver and perhaps an ambulance, I could try them all.

Which brings me to the point. When you come to UKLUG in Edinburgh, best work out if you like whisky, and if so, have a half dozen you can name so you dont take up all the time at the bar.. And dont say Johnny Walker....