A very small Locus indeed

For the next wee while, I'm actually staying in student accomodation adjacent to my office. Its a 2 minute commute. And there's a very nice gym next to the office, which I've joined (and done three sessions in already). Today, I lept out of bed at 6.20, and was on a treadmill at 6.30, back in the room for 7.30, and showered and eating breakfast by 8am. The student palce does full fry-ups - excellent. And when I left the office tonight around 6, I was changed and on a treadmill by 6.10, which included a trip via my room.

I've literally not been off this block of the city in days. Hence small 'locus'.

So instead of the last three months where hotel roulette meant that I might spend an hour a day (and be knackered) getting to and from the office, 'Activity August' means I'm very close, and get to spend free time at the gym.

Yup. Its that stage on the eight-year 'Oprah-diet' cycle where I take some time off the fattening stuff, strap myself to a gym bunnie and sweat/swear a lot. Enjoy that mental picture.

The downside of the student digs (the upside is obviously price, as well as a working/decent 3g signal), is that some muppet set off the fire alarm this evening, so I had to leave the room. I decided to camp out in 'Leon' which did me the most amazing chicken/chorizo wrap. And some *nice* coffee. You see, unlike the poor chinese student shivering in her dressing gown on the pavement, I rather enjoyed my fire drill. Here's hoping the same muppets dont decide to relight their birthday cake at 2am..

Work is as usual hard and long and unspeakable. Not bad - I just cant talk about it.