Well, its week four of the Gym. For the last three weeks its been four times a week, running or cycling for 40+ minutes, burning 250 cals a session minimum. I thought it was about time to try the 'Powerplate'. This is a large metal plate which vibrates 30 times a second. You hold yoga style stances ('The Stork', 'The Plank', 'The Farting Prat') and some folks say its a fantastic way of building strength and stamina, losing fat, etc. Okay, I had two free sessions, I thought I'd give it a shot.

After getting up at 3am, travelling to London, having a really stressful day at the office, and running to the LSE Student digs, and then to the gym, arriving a minute beforehand, I was ready for something easy. And something easy is *not* what this is.

I got home after the 30 minute session, sweating like a horse in a sauna, completely and utterly knackered. Even 30 minuites running didnt kill me like this. Of course, the others in the class were all svelte, toned gym bunnies, and the instructor some fat-free and tight gym kit, and the experience of a nazi torturer. The others didnt actually build up a standing wave on the device, as I did, (this almost threw me across the room!) and the other folks - all female, didnt have the indignity of ones swannicles vibrating at some 30hz whilst performing 'The Broken Plank' or whatever.

Its taken me an hour to stop sweating, and another 10 minutes to get the energy to type this. If it wasnt for the work-stag do I'm on tomorrow, I'd be back again. Perhaps next week, once the horror and the pain have worn off.

Oh, and I finally got SWMBO-permission to go walking the Giants Causeway with the rest of the UKLug speakers and organisers next weekend. 16 miles along the cliffs. I suspect - as the rest include Eileen 'Machu Pichu' and "Great Wall' Fitzgerald, and Steve 'I can walk to the MOON' McDonought, I'll be dead after that too.

And all so I can get into my kilt for UKLug.. Now there's a mental picture, eh.. ?