My new office rises from the ashes...

At the wedding-anniversary-Ikea-dash, we purchased some bits for my office. Since we moved into this house TEN years ago, my office hasnt been decorated. And the stuff on there for me to put my stuff on - well - wasnt great. But thanks to Ikea, Mr Irritating-diagram-man, and blistered hands - ta-da! I now have enough deskspace for the laptops, external screens, printers, and enough storage for all the man-crap I've accumulated over the last 23 years in IT.

I even found my 'ego-wall' of Lotus Certifications, stretching right back to cc:Mail days. Something tells me I'll find a place for the Hooters calendar first.

Now back to the day-job - HADSL and the client-who-cannot-be-named. If anyone is at EDI airport tomorrow around red-eye time, breakfast in Witherspoons ? Look for the drop-dead-georgous Mac and the 'bag-of-shit' looking person driving it.