Lotus Knows IdeaJam

Okay. Finally the Lotus Brand within IBM is getting to do some marketing. Its taken 10 years since 'SuperHumanSoftware'. Thank god. And in this age of open source, open descision making, transparent process, they're doing it the smart way. Instead of getting a bunch of bubble-head marketing gimps to throw ideas around a whiteboard, they're asking us, the user, business partner, ISV, evangelist, developer, admin, customer. And we can all suggest ideas and vote for ideas.

Open source descision making ? In IBM ? Yeah. I know. Its taken a few days for me to get my head around this.

So what you waiting for ? Get your backside across to LotusKnows IdeaJam and vote, discuss, contribute, flame. Hate notes ? Go tell em why. Love notes ? Why ? Spread the message.

The nicest part of this whole enterprise is that its hosted on a Lotus Domino server, using the Elguji software 'IdeaJam' package. Amazing bit of innovation technology, and worth every penny. Bruce and Matt have created a fantastic product, and you should check it out.

Why am I so pleased for them? Because both Bruce and Matt quietly go around (Well, Matt does in any case) doing fantastic work, helping people, basically networking and looking after friends. Really nice guys. Almost as nice a guy as Ben Langhinrich, perhaps the nicest guy in the universe.

Keep an eye on Bruce and Matt. They're going places, and if we're careful, they might take us with them..