When Hotel Roulette bites you in the bum...

Canary warf from the excel centre

So this Hotel Roulette. You go to Lastminute.com, pick the cheapest secret hotel you like, and BAM - you find yourself somewhere to stay. Usually more cheaply than the travellodge (the lowest I want to go). Sometimes its worse - the Thistle Clerkenwell - and sometimes you find yourself somewhere better - the Hilton at Rotherhide. This week, I thought I'd get myself the Hilton again, but no. I landed up at the eXcel center.

Whats the eXcel Center ? Its a huge huge barn like building built out on waste ground towards the east of Englandshire. G8 had their meeting there, and such is the decor of the place, the usual protests did nothing to make it worse. Bleak. And far far away. Like only two stops to StratVegas, another Hotel Roulette winner.

Okay, so just how far away from work was it ? The London Developer Co-Op (those nice and very very smart London based developer chappies) had their summer party (with a number of other companies) in one of the oldest classiest halls in London, surrounded by very pretty, free-drinks dispensing babes in short skirts and tall hair. And I left early so I could get to the hotel. Thats how far far away it is.

The Novatel is - well - a Novatel. I could be in Berlin, Stockholm, Rio, or indeed here in the swamp. The bar service is very good, the food is good, the drinks are overpriced and the bed is made of bricks. Exactly like every other Novatel in the world, and one of the reasons I thought I'd play Hotel Roulette.

The only satisfaction is that I get to slouch around here in smelly trainers, smug in the knowledge that I paid a fraction of the other folks rates..