Back to IMAP...

As I'm sure your all tired of hearing, I swapped out my families personal phones for iPhone 3gs's last week. I'm an old hand at iPhone, but one thing I never did was actually set it up as a IMAP client on Domino. We use the excellent hosting services at Prominic and have never asked them the simple question: How do I set up an IMAP client?

As usual, the incredibly patient and responsive chaps on the support desk got back in a flash, and within minutes, I was up and running. As was SWMBO.

Now, dont for a second take me for a great fan of POP3, IMAP or SMTP based mail. Especially client-based IMAP. Its horrible, slow, insecure, buggy as hell. I hate it. I remember seeing IMAP based mail back in 1992, and it hasnt got much better since then. The Lotus Domino implementation, for instance, isnt great. If I move a message to a folder on the device, it doesnt move it on the mailbox itself. So if I came in with a Notes client, or iNotes, its still there, clogging up my inbox.

I guess what I'm getting at is that the IMAP/SMTP interface works, but its not very iPhone. Its not simple, intuitive, reliable. It doesnt surprise you with beauty every so often, reminding you that good design, whilst expensive, should be a way of life.

Okay. I can live with the mail transfer, but my contacts, calendar, etc, are still locked up in Notes. I can sync contacts with Yahoo, Google,, but not of course Lotus Notes. I'm sure there are some third party products out there, and I'm sure that Traveller - once it catches up with iPhone - will do this. I must admit I'm sorely tempted just to write an iPhone app to sync contacts between the iPhone and iNotes... We shall see..