8.5 - shiny and new. Why not upgrade ?

Whilst we're all a twitter about all the cool new (and as I found out this week - fragile) features in 8.5.0, spare a thought for those colleagues still labouring under Domino 6.5.1 or even older. These customers tend to be 'outsourced' customers where the outsourcing agreement charges extra for any upgrade work. Guess whats the first thing the beancounters cut out ?

So if your out there, strugging with a version of Notes older than iPhones, I'm really sorry. All you can do is complain, complain, and complain again. I think an honourable mention must be made (from all outsourcers) in this respect to IBM themselves, who seem to be the WORST at allowing their customers to cut costs by removing upgrade options, and then four years later, watch those customers fly away from notes, thinking that its crap.

Its not a new problem, and its not a hidden problem, but I think in terms of 'Their own worst enemy', IBM must take an award for doing most to really hack off their customers. Why dont they just take one for the team, unilaterally upgrade all customers, and keep em happy and onboard ? Why does it take someone outside of IBM to point this out ?