Bloody Linux

I love Linux. No. Really. It means choice. freedom, lots and lots of open software. Fantastic. Its the weight of humanity working together. You just cannot compare the releases that are around right now with even 5 years ago. I really think you could put a version of Linux on someones machine and they wouldny really miss Windows at all. Kinda like a very cheap (free!) but fuzzier version of Leopard. (kyam dine, you know I'm kidding).

All is well, until of course I find zoneMinder. A wonderful linux-based CCTV monitoring system. All you have to do is run some cable, install some cameras, slap the card in the PC, install Linux and Zoneminder, and you're sorted.

Except that your not. You see, you have to get the video card working under 'video4Linux', and the two cards you have (so far) which are 'guaranteed to work' dont have drivers for Linux. Or should have drivers, but hey - they dont work. Or you get the second camera and the first camera both coming through on the first channel.

So all I'm looking for is a decent 4-channel 25 fps or above CCTV capture card for my Ubuntu latest-release system, so I can run my exterior full-res cameras. So we can get a picture of the freak who's interfering with some local horses (they live in the next field).

So far, this has consumed 16 hours of my life - 16 hours that I didnt really have to spare, to be quite honest. Anyone out there in the world got this working yet ?

Bloody Linux. You buy a box of hair, and your expected to knit it into your own shirt..