Hotel Roulette: LSE, Northumberland Avenue

This week, I'm at the London School of Economics student accomodation, just off Trafalgar square, in London. Two tube stops or 1.7 miles walk (if its not raining). How did it work out ?

Price-wise, its well into 'budget' territory. I have a 'twin' room with its own bathroom (A plastic 'Ibis-hotel' style bathroom pod'). Windows that open, free wifi from the snazzy hotel next door, and of course right in the middle of London. Its basic, scruffy, and so far - good. Its not somewhere I'd normally book, but hotel roulette does push the boundaries somewhat. Put it this way - I've paid three times this price for somewhere far far worse.

A downside - and I hate to be ageist here - is that I feel old enough to be most of the other residents' father. Or grandfather. I shall have to show them my tattoo and cement my 'Wierd old bloke' reputation.

Trafalgar square has its own Tesco mini-mart (useless), a Boots (closed), a Waterstones (closed) and numerous decent English Hostileries.. Old Speckled Hen on tap, decent service. I could get to like this. Oh, and I took a peek at the fourth plinth - a naked plinth on Trafalgar Square, hosting numerous people (selected by lottery) for an hour each, 24 hours a day till September. When I went by, someone was reading from a book - which was a shame. No PA system means that he just looked like a studious hobbit.