Enterprise vs Consumer

I have a huge decision point ahead. I've managed to wriggle out of a contract with a telecoms provider, and am getting a bunch of iphones instead of my clutch of crackberries.

So the question is, how do I do my mail:

  • Stick with domino, use iNotes and wait (perhaps for a very very long time indeed) for IBM to catch up with a push mail model for the iPhone. Pop3/iMap isnt really going to cut it. (Some folks have this working, and good for them. I'm looking for a zero-admin solution)

  • Go to Apple me.com hosted mail and move billbuchan.com to point at that.

  • Go google.com and see when/if they do a push mail solution for the iPhone.

  • Install an Exchange 2007 server, and use that to push eMail to the iPhone.

I think in fairness that you can switch in and out of any of these solutions quite easily, so we should discount the transitional and migration effects. Its not as if I'll get rid of the notes client (soon). And to be honest, parking an exchange 2007 server and using it as a vehicle to certify, develop and test applications to help manage Exchange and AD accounts makes sense in terms of HADSL's long term business plans. So its not completely outrageous.

And I already have a me.com account which is barely used. But £120 a year for all three of us to receive hosted mail seems a bit steep for a consumer-grade experience.

Interesting times indeed... I have a week or so to decide.. Any thoughts ?