Okay. This is quite bad, but I *lost* my Macbook pro 15" computer. But since London is a high-crime area, I suspect Its long gone. So this week, after a meeting with senior lotus folks (where I demonstrated the Achos 10 netbook), I ran to the Regents Street Mac Store in London, and 10 minutes before closing, in a very sweaty shirt indeed, had young Juan get me a 13" macboook pro from the back, and I (shakily) handed over my credit card for it. And then it was MINE. Yes MINE.

And then I walked it into a very high crime area (where my flat is) using it as an Apple Backpack. But yey, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil. Cos I look more nutzoid than those feckers do, innit?

And so I'm home, stupid-o-clock, and my new MBP 13" is flying under my fingers. Bliss. Oh, I've missed you. Days. Indeed WEEKS without Things. Twitter a lost friend on the crackberry. iPhoto and its bizarre collection a distant memory.

In the meantime, life has changed. I have restricted my alcohol intake as one View presenter described it: Less than it would take to kill me in a night. Sad, but true. Mild Bill is getting old.. My old dad will be laughing at this...

Damn blood pressure pills..

But hey, Adobe Flex 4 beta is out and I'm a very happy bunny..

Oh. And the pub it all started:- Founders Arms - is now my 'local'. Be there tuesday night next week if anyone wants to catch up..