The Marykirk Raft Race 2009


Last weekend, I was kept rather busy by the Marykirk Raft Race. Warren had kindly offered to come up and fix a radio mike and/or a PA system. Saturday, lots of stuff being organised - the bar and Marquee put up, signs plastered everywhere, etc. Warren and Kitty appeared, and we dragged them to Roos Leap in Montrose and fed them outrageous amounts of food. And then Sunday...

At about 9.30, I was aware of the doorbell going off, and Kay (the local Licencee and therefore the last person to annoy in the village) wondering where the hell I was. Walkie talkies were set up, more signs plastered everywhere, and Warren set up the PA. Meanwhile, I worried about my job that afernoon - being the compere. Thankfully, Joe appeared in the worlds loudest shirt, and did a far far better job than I.

Meanwhile, down at the river, the winning boat - RumRig (No, thats not a typo) won again. Especially impressive as the crews training appeared to be bar-orientated, and had started on the friday. No danger of being done for drunken rafting however, as the four local community policemen followed them down. All in all, 15 rafts started, and 15 rafts finished.

A special mention must go to the Smurfs. Their raft was designed and built by the local woodwork teacher, and as soon as they put it in the water - it flipped over and sank. Most spectacularly. However, undaunted, though cold and wet - they actually carried their raft - when it wasnt bumping along the bottom - 1.8 miles down the course, in the slowest ever time of one hour, twelve minutes. These kids didnt give up.

Later in the park, Echo 7 provided a lot of the entertainment, along with Joe, and of course the bar. A good day was had by all, I think.

Check out the raft race website here