The NW 200 weekend

North West 200 - 2009

Phew. Came home from London on Thursday night, packed the bike and fitted the back box on Friday morning and discovered that the battery - okay last weekend - was dead. Buried. Damn. So I called the ferry company, and managed to squeeze the car onto the ferry. Phew. And thank god I did - the weather was horrendous - gales, storms, fog, the lot. Nasty. I sat in the car and listened to the iPod, as hundreds of bikers froze.

Made it to Casa DomiNoYesMaybe and caught up with Steve and Coatsie, and had some Guinness.. Nice.. And off to bed around 3am. Up bright and early next morning, and Mrs McDonagh drove us to Portstewart, where we admired the hundreds of bikes, and wanderd to the start/finish line. The rain came on hard, and hats and jackets were purchased. Breakfast at Youngs. We finally managed to squeeze to a barrier.. Later, moved onto the start/finish straight.. And then between races, headed to the IceHouse for a warm up and a small libation.. Or two..

Much banter, much discussion. some new converts to Barocca. Damn, its been a while.