Does your Web Service or your XP processor stop in Domino 8.5 ? Got BES ? This might help...

I had various web service and XSP failures - this stuff appeared on the console:

HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - JVM: The Java Virtual Machine has not been initialized.

Xsp Initialization error - Could not get JVM environment

And then I came across This technote, which basically says that BES install sticks a new configuration variable HTTPDisableJVM=1 in the servers notes.ini. Thanks, BES. (Actually, next time I bump into my favourite BES engineer, I'm going to make him buy me beer for a change.. Anywhoo, if you do this:

> sh conf http*



You can then run this command

> set conf httpdisablejvm=0

Restart your HTTP task, and then your back in business. Its a PITA, but its an easy thing to diagnose and fix. Hopefully this'll help.