My Gardener runs Vista...

On friday, around 7.30am, the team from Greaves Gardening started their petrol-drivel power toosl and started their manic work.. During the course of the morning, the man-monster that is Sebastian commented that he runs Vista, and thinks that (a) Macs are for queers and (b) that they're horribly expensive. Whcih led to a good natured (I hope) banter around the whole mac vs PC thing.

I think in summary, my conclusion is that you pay a little more for a Mac than a PC, but you dont have to pay any more. And in my case, I've not had t reinstall the operating system numerous times, as I would have to do on a windows PC.

Buying a three-hundred quid bottom of the barrel laptop with Vista Home on it is just the start of the payment cycle with windows. Anti-Virus, rebuilds, memory upgrades, Office, and all the DVD and photo editing stuff that doesnt come on board. Compare that with a Mac Whitebook and iLife.

I guess the thing that really shocks is that OS/X actuallty runs on top of BSD Unix - proper, hardcore Unix (not this diluted Linux stuff). So its fundamentally not been created by a host of code-monkeys in Redmond bashing away on a keyboard, randomly creating an operating system, as Windows appears to have been.

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