Jim Moffat got sent to Carnegie Hall!

Some good news come to my inbox today:

Date: 3/09/2009

Subject: Thanks for sending me to Carnegie Hall

My apologies for this mass LinkedIn email however I would like to reach all those who supported me in this project. Many thanks for voting for me to play in The YouTube Symphony Orchestra, the world's first online collaborative orchestra. As you recall, I sent a mail a few weeks ago asking you to vote for my audition video and I was humbled by your response and kind words of encouragement.

Some have asked how the orchestra members were chosen. Michael Tilson Thomas, who will conduct the orchestra on April 15th, made all the choices, but "took the public vote into account" which is artistically fair. All the winners are posted here on a very cool looking site: www.youtube.com/symphony I am thrilled to be one of four horn players going to NY to play in this orchestra of 90 members drawn from 30 countries including a trauma surgeon from California and a software engineer from Ricoh Japan, also an ex-IBMer.

Most are professionals or conservatoire students. We arrive on Easter Sunday, then rehearse for three days and play the concert at Carnegie Hall on Wednesday April 15th, returning home the following day all expenses paid. YouTube are making a documentary of the orchestra for television and YouTube distribution. Already a film crew spent a couple of days with me.

The film company has put together a site where you can track that project: http://www.harmonyfilm.com For tickets to the concert: http://www.carnegiehall.org/article/box_office/events/evt_13015.html Some press coverage while I was away at CeBit: BBC, The Guardian,
The Times.

Thank you again and wish me no missed notes in New York.


(PS balthica, my YouTube channel name, is from the small clam that I studied for my undergrad thesis. A clam is the colloquial term for a splatted note by a brass player. I hope it is not prophetic)

Way to go, Jim!